Black Bear Asset Management (“BBAM”) is a real estate investment management firm based in New York. Its primary business is to manage client and proprietary capital through value and growth-oriented investments in real estate and real estate-related assets across the United States. The firm’s investment strategy seeks to achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns from current income and capital appreciation by investing in property along with debt and equity driven opportunities in commercial real estate.

Our Services

BBAM’s principals own and operate over 2 million square feet of commercial real estate and have successfully navigated numerous real estate and capital market cycles and by virtue, offer our clients strategic advisory services to enhance and optimize the overall performance of their portfolios on both a micro and macro scale. BBAM’s team of talented professionals has expertise in many facets of the real estate market including finance, development, land use, leasing, construction, building operations, and law.


A Multi-Strategy Platform

Equity Investments

Debt Investments